About Us

Jei has been thinking about creating Jitters for a long time, while his interests are varied, horror is where Jei found his passion. Jei has been a fan of horror films for most of his life thanks to his parents allowing him early access to some of the horror films available when we were younger. He has been married to Nat for about 15 years, who is also big fan of horror films. He and Nat have three fur-beasts who occasionally tolerate their thirst for the macabre.

Will has been a horror fan from the very first episode of Scooby-Doo he watched as a kid. That interest in the genre continued with the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series and continued reading R.L. Stein books later.  Will used to save up allowance and buy the latest Fear Street book at Waldenbooks back in the day. Although not totally horror, Will watched and became addicted to Twin Peaks (and basically all of David Lynch’s work) and is also an avid sci-fi fan, loving all things Star Trek and Star Wars. Within the horror genre John Carpenter is Will’s favorite director with The Thing and/or Halloween being his favorite horror films.

In addition to Jitters Nat also co-hosts a true crime podcast with her sister in law Ash. She’s been married to Jei for about 15 years and together they’ve enjoyed their obsession with all things horror, their puppies, and their cat. When not recording the shows, Nat enjoys reading Stephen King books and loves watching old Horror movies. Catch her on twitter at @NatJittersPod